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If I Go For A Tantra Massage I’m Afraid I May Feel Guilty Afterwards Because I’m Married. How Do I Get Over This?

Congratulations for having the wisdom to ask this question before jumping in!

A similar question arises from time to time. “Is this like cheating or being unfaithful because I’m in a relationship?”

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Can Divine Ground Tantra Massage Help With Premature Ejaculation?

Have you done the usual...

Watched a few YouTube videos which all promised a cure?

Followed a few tips you read online or in magazines?

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Will I Be Treated With Dignity And Respect During A Tantra Massage?

​It’s a worry isn’t it? What you might be encountering when you go for a Tantra massage.

After all, you want to be able to relax and really enjoy the experience...

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Am I Too Old For Divine Ground Tantra Massage?

This question is often asked by many who’ve afterwards exclaimed “Why did I wait so long to experience this?”

From the cradle to the grave, loving touch is something that affirms, heals and soothes. There isn’t an age at which your capacity to receive and enjoy conscious touch ceases.

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