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How Beneficial Is A One-off Tantra Session?

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Do you find you're always on the go, running from one meeting or task to the next?

That your mind rarely if ever switches off, that it’s forever caught up in what happened yesterday? In what will happen tomorrow, or later today?

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Will I Be Able To Express My Problems, Fears And Worries With You In Confidence?

It’s one of the healthiest things to do isn’t it?

To find a safe space where you can express your problems, fears and worries.

Especially those relating to emotional, sexual or relationship issues...

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How Can I Be Sure I Won’t Ejaculate As Soon As I Receive Intimate Touch?

If you're worried about ejaculating as soon as you receive intimate touch in a Divine Ground Tantra Massage,

The good news is...

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Is There A ‘Happy Ending’ In A Tantra Massage?

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The No.1 lie about Tantra massage is that Tantra massage is a massage with a happy ending. It’s not.

Tantra massage is a beautiful experience of sacred intimacy with yourself. It's nothing like it's sometimes portrayed​.

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What Can I Expect In A Tantra Massage? Are There Different Stages From Start To Finish?

It's vital that you have clear sense of what to expect in a Tantra massage. Only then can you really relax enough to get the most from your experience.

There are different stages from start to finish...

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Would I Be Able To Relax Enough To Gain Maximum Benefit From A Tantra Massage?

Are you feeling stressed out or wound up?

Nervous or apprehensive?

Are you plagued with worries over concerns like, "What happens if I have an erection? What happens if I don't? What happens if I ejaculate? I'm nervous about being naked. Is this like cheating?"

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Will I Be Entering Into A Safe Environment?

It can be a big step can't it? Going for your first Tantra massage.

You're wise to ask that question first and to have it answered to your satisfaction before you proceed.

Before your first appointment you might be wondering...

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What Happens If I Can’t Get An Erection In A Divine Ground Tantra Massage?

Has it happened to you already? That you've not got an erection in a situation where you believed you 'should'?

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I’m Afraid That I Will Ejaculate During The Tantra Massage. What Happens If I Do?

It's a troubling thought isn't it?

It's no surprise you're feeling anxious about it as this is without doubt the most frequently asked question!

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