Hi, I'm Abi,

What's your one burning question about Tantra Massage?

I've been practicising Divine Ground Tantra Massage in Dublin for over 5 years.

Myths and misinformation abound about Tantra massage.

It's hard, isn't it, to find real, straight answers to the actual questions you have about Tantra massage?

You know, the ones you wonder if you dare ask.

Not any more! Because that's exactly why this site exists. To give you those answers.

In February 2016 I asked over 1,000 men in my private community at integratesexandspirit.com "What's your one burning question about Tantra massage?"

Over 100 replied. Some asking multiple questions.

Some questions were repeated many times over. And there's been a constant stream asked since.

I hope what you find here will dispel some myths. Bring you clarity. Give you confidence to move forward. So you can experience all the many benefits of Divine Ground Tantra Massage for yourself.

Abi x

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What My Clients Say...

“From the first minute Abi made me feel very comfortable. The massage was just heavenly and really gave me such a boost of energy and hope. In the days following the massage I had more energy and the whole experience had given me such a lift.

I went for another session a few months later and again it was exactly what I needed. Abi is a beautiful woman and such a professional in what she does. She makes you feel secure and gives everything to the 2 hour experience. I would highly recommend having a Tantra massage with her.”

Male Client, 38
Co. Kerry

Even though I just had the one session with Abi and that was a while ago, the session helped me to be able to last longer while receiving pleasure or in self-pleasuring.

I learned to be more in the moment, not rushing to get the orgasm but to slow down and breathe. She taught me to relax and be present. She helped me so much in that regard.

I would encourage any man if he has any concerns about any aspects of his sexuality to contact Abi and be reassured and guided by her to work through any issues in a safe and caring space.

Male Client, 63 

Co. Galway

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